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woman found during a house fire this morning in an unincorporated area of castro valley. crews responded to the home on san carlos avenue shortly after midnight and they found the woman's body. authorities say the death is suspicious. >> reporter: only two hours ago alameda county sheriff's investigators got a search warrant to go inside this house. inside the body of a woman. she was discovered just after midnight after a small fire broke out inside the house. firefighters put out the flames and then found the body. what raised a red flag for investigators, evidence an accelerant may have used. >> when you have accelerant with a body, that is a suspicious circumstance. that's not to say that a person can't commit suicide using an accelerant. that has happened in the past. >> reporter: the crime lab was called to gather evidence and they are pinpointing the origin
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of the fire. investigators can't say how the woman died only telling us there are no obvious signs of trauma to her body. several neighbors told me the man who owns the house is a recently retired san francisco firefighter who lives there with his girlfriend. a family friend says he is out of town right now. howard was surprised to see the crime scene a few doors down. >> i looked out and said what the heck is happening here. finally i opened the door and i said oh, i see, something is wrong. >> reporter: the early morning fire was called in by neighbors. investigators say no one aside from the victim was home when crews responded. investigators are working to reach the other person that lives at this house. the woman found dead has not been positively identified and investigators plan to spend most of the day today processing this crime scene. in castro valley, alex savage, ktvu. >> new information is coming into the news desk about the fire. we learned that the fire rekindled and firefighters are
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heading back to the scene. a story we brought you yesterday, the family of a homicide victim is reminding people there is a reward for information leading to the conviction of his killers. yesterday we brought you this surveillance video released by the oakland police department. it shows homicide victim charles butler getting into a confrontation with two men outside of a market last december. police believe the men gunned down butler a few blocks away, just a few minutes later. crimestoppers is offering a $10,000 reward and butler's family added another 15,000. the oakland police department is considering a new tactic to get more police officers on the streets quickly. you will hear about an idea for outsourcing in about 14 minutes. san jose police have arrested two juveniles after a woman called to say they were trying to break into her house. that call came from what the police described as an elderly woman living on glenn handily
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drive -- handly drive. officers spotted the boys climbing a fence. they said the woman did the right thing when the pair knocked on her door. >> she looked out the front living room window. as she looked out, she saw the guys talking to each other and they kept banging and banging. right away, she got on the phone and called 911. next thing she knew, they were going to the side of the house. she heard them at the back of the house. she was on the phone with the police. it was good she did that. >> officer johnson says there were a lot of burglaries in the area but they aren't sure if the two boys are identified to any other -- tied to any other cases. last night a meteor lit up the evening sky bringing people outdoors to catch the show. ann ruben joins us from san jose on the frenzy that the sighting set off. >> reporter: it was only in the skies overhead nor a few seconds but the meteor left some people confused and others
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awe struck. when it shot across the sky, some couldn't believe their eyes or children. >> i saw a shooting star and my tendency was to think it was an airplane landing, not a shooting star. >> reporter: others heard it overhead. >> it sounded like a train went by, rumble, rumble, boom. we don't live near train tracks. >> reporter: it was a meteor traveling south to north over the bay area. astronomers say it was about the size of a car. >> when it got slow enough to where it broke the sound barrier, you heard the sonic boom. >> reporter: hundreds of people heard and saw it flooding police with calls and the internet with photos. it began to break apart and fall to earth around the hills of martinez. experts say tiny bits of meteorite are probably spread all over. >> the debris trail could be 10 to 15 miles long. >> reporter: a meteor shower is set to peek this weekend but
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astronomers don't think this is part of that. >> it was going in the wrong direction, wrong part of the night. this is one of many rocks that fall on us from outer space and just happened to be at the right time for everybody to see it. >> reporter: some called it beautiful, others a disaster movie. if you saw the white orb, you weren't alone. >> he was excited. i should have believed him. >> reporter: if you find any pieces of charred rock it could be remnants of the meteor. if you have meteor fever, you can see more when the shower peeks saturday into sunday. ann ruben, ktvu channel 2 news. breaking news from oakland where police are right now searching the area around holy name's university on mountain boulevard after a report of a man with a gun. news chopper 2 took these pictures a few minutes ago. police say they got a report of
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a disheveled looking white man with a gun in his waistband asking to use the rest room. the s.w.a.t. team is on the scene. officers have not found anyone that matches that description. police are restricting the movement of cars on the campus and locked down the gym. an extreme sports tour is bringing a lot of money and dirt to san francisco civic plaza. as the evenkicks off today, it's generating criticism. tara moriarty joins us with one city leader speaking out against the dew tour. >> reporter: a lot are excited to see what guys and girls can do on the pile of dirt behind me at city hall but others say it doesn't belong here. top-notch bmxers will hit the rails for the next three days. >> i'm thinking about bringing my son. >> i love san francisco.
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i'm excited they are having the spot here. i'm psyched. really excited. >> reporter: civic center plaza morphed into an extreme sports arena. >> my biggest issue is who made the decision, how was it done? >> reporter: john avala says despite parks and recs will profit off the event it's not fair to close off the park for more than two weeks for those who live nearby. >> are we getting enough for the city. are we undermining our standards promoting fitness and recreation by having a sponsor of a national drink company. >> reporter: some agree. >> they can take over any public lands and there is a limited amount of public lands for the public. >> it's sponsored by mountain dew is not the best thing in the world but it is showing exercise at the same time so there is a balancing act. >> reporter: last year parks and rec raked in close to $2
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million for renting the space. it's money many residents say the city needs. for others it's a sell out. >> i don't think it has the proper oversight for the impact to the neighborhood. >> reporter: the event starts at 2:00 through sunday and is free to the public. traffic will be a bit trick question since a lot of the streets around here are closed so we recommend taking mass transit. the giants need a stellar performance from pitcher tim lincecum after last night's tough loss in st. louis. >> fly ball to right. 2-1. >> st. louis cardinals utility player matt carpenter stunned the giants with a two-run home run. carlos beltran left with a knee injury. after a three-hour rain delay the cardinals beat the giants
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to take a 2-1 series lead. >> last year in cincinnati, it took one error to change our momentum. now we have to stay positive. >> now, one bright spot, the giants second baseman shook off his injuries and had two hits. meteorologist steve paulson says weather in st. louis won't be a problem today. he will tell you more about that a little later on. you can watch the game right here on ktvu. coverage begins at 4:30 following a special edition of ktvu news. the first pitch will be at 5:07. today's forecast scattered showers for the american league championship series between the detroit tigers and new york yankees should be played this afternoon. the game was postponed yesterday due to rain. the tigers have a 3-0 series
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lead. the yankees start their top pitcher, c.c. sabathia. it's a happy day for the blond boomer for sure. his luck changed. >> ahead, the sea lion had another big day today. >> steve will be up soon to tell you how much the bay area will heat up this afternoon and he has a check on weather for the baseball game in st. louis.
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the great california shook out earthquake drill happened at 10:18 this morning. san francisco mayor fire and police chief were with kids at charles elementary school. they dropped, held cover to prepare for the next big earthquake. >> in case anything happens you have to have preparation, be ready for things. that's why we do these drills. we want to practice, practice and practice. >> more than 9 million people around state participated in the drill and more people took time to drop, cover and hold on during drills across the country. in election news, president obama and governor mitt romney are back out stumping for votes
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today as the number of campaign days dwindle. the president nice new hampshire where he addressed supporters in a rally. >> the last four years i have watched the american people with their resilience and resolve overcoming the pain and struggle of dealing with the consequences of the worst financial crisis since the great depression. we work too hard to let this country go down that path again. >> mr. obama told supporters voters will soon be able to choose between, quote, a top down policies that got us into this mess or policies that he says are moving the country toward economic recovery. mitt romney is in new york this noontime but he hasn't made any public appearances. so far, he has not made any public speeches. tonight he and president obama will attend a charity fund- raiser in new york city. the dinner is a light hearted bipartisan political tradition. it raised funds for roman catholic programs in new york.
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tuesday's debate intensified the battle for women's votes. there was a beener put together by a massachusetts nonpartisan women's coalition. >> after governor romney was elected, we worked really hard to vet qualified women candidates. there were hundreds of resumes that we put together and disstrutted and gave to the administration. >> president obama held a lead with political women vote nears polls but some surveys say romney was gain ground prior to the debate. the police agency may turn to outside agencies to deal with staffing shortages according to the oakland try buehne. the department is getting by with requiring officers to work overtime. a police academy is underway now and two more are planned but until recruits graduate the city is considering paying sheriff's deputies and highway
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patrol officers for several months. >> there are inquiries made from oakland regarding the sheriff's office supplement some patrols in oakland. but they would have to be a lot of things put in place before that would happen. >> currently oakland has 629 officers compared to 837 officers four years ago. it was sentencing day in a san francisco animal cruelty case that prosecutors say left several dogs he mass sigh crated -- emaciated. prosecutors say taylor operated the unleashed dog care facility in the city's bay view district and he seven shallly starved four of his own dogs. animal care and control agents stepped in to rescue the dogs. two are up for adoption. a judge sentenced taylor to 60 days in county jail and probation. george gascon is set to talk about the case at a press
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conference at 1:30 this afternoon. the sea lion found on pier 39 last week tangled in plastic was released back into the ocean during the past hour. dozens watched as blond boomer made his way back into the surf. the california sea lion was rehabilitated after being found with a solid loop of plastic packing material wrapped around his neck. we spoke to a young onlooker who worries about how pollution affects marine life. >> people should definitely stop polluting and stuff because the animals can get hurt. when they get caught and tangled in garbage that is just flooding around in the ocean. we should try to do a better job because animals can die from that. >> the marine animal center treated more than a dozen animals last year caught in ocean trash. it may be the ultimate pleasure boat and it's here in the bay area.
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it's called the octopus. it's a 400-foot yacht owned by paul allen. it includes two helicopters, a submarine and a crew of 60. it will be docked at richmond's terminal 3 for five weeks. it's there for repairs that have not been revealed. allen is the cofounder of microsoft and owns the portland trail blazers and the seattle seahawks playing the 49ers at candlestick park tonight. well, it's one of those rare days. officially 81 in sacramento. twin peeks is 81. i have seen 80 at capatola. incredible. east wind continues and it will be sunny and very warm today. once that west wind kicks in, it will change dramatically. different scenario in st. louis compared to yesterday. yesterday the line of severe
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weather came in 7th, 8th inning and delayed the game for three hours. it's a cool breezy day. but now it's clouding up. a system is moving in from the north. i think it will be light rain. mainly cool and windy. 55 at game time. i think temperatures dip into the 40s by 5th inning. looks like it will turn very cloudy. for us not a cloud in the sky. some in the north but they are running into resistance. napa 85 degrees. 79 san jose. take your pick, everybody is really close. there is a component of a northeast wind except at the oakland airport. it's a warm breeze for us. tomorrow that all turns westerly and temperatures will really start to cool down. if you can get away from work go. the coast won't be better than this. take your pick anywhere, in the 80s. bayside, inland, it's close on
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the temps. however, things are about to change tomorrow. it will be in the form of fog and a south wind or westerly breeze. today it's warm, sunny and dry. it will stay that way until next week. all signs point to a cold system dropping from the north as we head to early next week. today the warming ends. a slide in the temperatures. not before we see 70s to 80s and 9 o for many. one of those days that you can lump everybody into the same temperature range. we will be close. letter 0s for some. the coast is the place to be. pacifica, west lake, daly city warmer than brisbane. throw a parade. that doesn't happen very often. starting a cooling trend friday. a bigger cooling trend saturday. then monday increasing clouds and maybe rain tuesday and wednesday with snow in the sierra. >> good weather in the bay and maybe in st. louis. >> cloudy, cool and breezy i
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taking a look at the big board. looks like the dow is down about 13%. we are looking at the nasdaq, new york stock exchange at minus 17 as well. consumer review web site yelp is cracking down on businesses that try to manipulate reviews. starting today, yelp will feature a consumer alert on the profiles of businesses that are caught tampering with the integrity of the reviews. this comes after yelp launched a sting operation to catch businesses posting inflated reviews. the site caught a moving company and two repair shops. "newsweek" magazine will publish the final print edition
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at the incident ende of this year. they will shift to a digital only format beginning in january. the announcement came on the web site this morning. they say news week has increasingly been affected by the challenging print advertising environment. access to the digital only news week global will be by paid subscription. the san mateo bridge will shut down tomorrow night, 10 p.m. until monday at 5:00. workers will be installing a new i beam at the base of the high rise. the current one is cracked. they will remove 12 sections of the bridge deck to get to the cracked beam. drivers are advised to use the dumbarton bridge or bay bridge to travel between the peninsula and the east bay. again, ktvu will air game 4 of the championship series live. coverage begins at 4:30. news will be at 4:00 p.m.
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well have live coverage. steve said the her is fine in st. louis. we ll see you today at 4:00 and ktvu news will follow immediately after the finish. thank you for trusting tvvu -- ktvu channel 2 news. we are always here for you. ?o?ooooóññ
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